Welcome To My New Blog: “Our Emerging Divinity, Awakening to the Divine Within”



Hello and Welcome to my new blogOur Emerging Divinity, Awakening to the Divine Within. While I still maintain my other blog  franheal and my Website A Healing Place, where I post my channeled messages,  I was urged by my guides around the March Equinox 2014 to start this new blog to create a new forum to reflect  and highlight where we are Now in our DivineEmergence and to further assist in the changes we are all going through in our journey to embrace our True Selves/Divine Essence, and embodiment of Christ Light Consciousness.

As we raise our frequencies and integrate our HIgher Selves,  Multidimensional Selves, and all aspects of ourselves, embody our Christ Consciousness, and  allow our Divine Presence – our I AM Presence – to emerge, in our own time and pace, we further our DivineEmergence and further our Ascension and our return to LOVE and ONEness with Source and All-That-Is.

I will be posting here all messages channeled through me since the March Equinox 2014, as well as MasterQuotes – quotes I channel from the  Ascended Masters on DivineEmergence (new quotes as well as excerpts from other channeled messages) – as well as other features and offerings as I am guided to share,  to help us in Our Emerging Divinity.  Please note that you can still find All channeled messages through me ahttp://franheal.wordpress.com/category/frans-channeled-messages/

Blessings to all!! and Much LOVE to all! ♥

Fran Zepeda

26 thoughts on “Welcome To My New Blog: “Our Emerging Divinity, Awakening to the Divine Within”

  1. Hi Fran, Thank you so much for letting me know about your new blog. I love all of your post, and frankly, look forward to reading yours the most. 😉 You truly are Divine. Love you.

    Kathleen Hatter


    • Wow…thank you so much, Kathleen…I am happy to hear you like my channelings…now it will be much easier to find them 🙂 and I look forward to sharing whatever else comes in!! Love you! You are a dear!!! ♥

      With Gratitude and Love
      Fran ♥


    • Thank you Brenda! Welcome here!!! There will be more offerings soon! 🙂 I am behind on reading other’s messages, including yours, but will hopefully feast on your recent wonderful channeing soon! Thank you for all you do! LOVE to you! ♥


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