Yeshua and Mary Magdalene: Cup of Love ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda

imagesReceived April 26, 2015


Hello Dearest Beloveds, We Are Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, coming to you this moment, together, with much Love and Gratitude. We drink from the same Cup of Love and so we know the Truth. You know the Truth — That All Are Love, All Are Divine and all are immense in their scope of delivering Love to the World.

We come together to deliver this message to show you the immense Union of Love that you hold with All, with the World, with Humanity. Do not deny this scope and this magnitude, for all are becoming aware of this magnitude with each passing Breath of Love that We All Take, with each passing Breath of Love that We All Give, with each passing Breath of Love that We All Deliver unto ourselves, to others, and to the World.

So, Beloveds, you are not the same as you were yesterday, in the previous moment, for you are ever-changing, ever-growing, ever-developing in your Love Essence, in your Divine Essence. The Essence may stay the same, as you are always All-That-Is. However, the very growing awareness of it is ever-changing, all-knowing, and forever-developing in scope and magnitude.

You are noticing that You Are the World of your making. And how much better is this world if not made of Love in every corner, every inch, every expression and every step of your taking.

Yes, We, Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, drink from the same Cup of Love and we spill that Cup out to all who may wish to receive it, to all who are open to receive it. And you do the same. We are strengthened by your doing this, just as you are strengthened by our expression of our Love for you.

Dearest Beloveds, you are complete and Whole in your Love for yourselves and for each other. Colors are brightened, energy is lightened, awareness is clearer, and time marches forward into Eternity with each Breath of Love that you take, with each Breath of Love that you share, with each Breath of Love that you deliver to all who are in need of it, to all who would be transformed by it, to all who are ready to receive it.

So allow your Cup of Love to be filled with the knowing that you are Divine, that you are Love, that you are capable of sharing it with all and with as many at the same moment that you wish. You are unlimited; you are limitless in that capacity to share your Love with yourselves and at the same time with All in the World, with All in the Galaxies, with All in the Multiverse.

For you are as big as the Multiverse, you are as immense as Source in your capacity to Love. Feel Source now… Feel the Love of Creator. To the umpteenth power… And you shall have an inkling of our Love combined as we deliver it to you now, as Union of our Love together, as Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, as an expression to you of your capability of Love in Union with the Multiverse, in Union with Source. For You are that Love magnified to infinite degree. Feel it. Experience it. Know it.

With our Infinite Love, we express it Now to you. We Are Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, in Union with each other, in Union with You, in Union with All, in Union with Source that We All Are.


Copyright © 2011-2015 Fran Zepeda. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and share this message provided that the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been altered in any way, is distributed free of charge, and this copyright and links are included.

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6 thoughts on “Yeshua and Mary Magdalene: Cup of Love ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda

  1. Thank you Fran.
    That must be a powerful channeling experience, their combine energy!!!
    Also must be balanced!!!! I felt that.


      • Right back at you. Thanks for asking!!! We ponders are a little shaken up, but we will bounce back up on our feet. It seems I on the hunt for a connection across this veil. Where it isn’t just inspiration and intuition, but deep conscious communication with my HS, or my True Twin soul half. I’ve been at this as a spectator for so long. Keeps my grounded in 3d!!!!!
        Well you asked…………! 🙂
        Blessing back to you, with love and kindness!!


        • Sounds like a good plan, Michael! Its a very rewarding quest! About the pond….are you talking about Aisha and the CC’s? I know you will bounce back :)…time to move to the next level for all of us! Love and Blessings xoxoxoxo

          Liked by 1 person

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