Special On Services Until January 1, 2016

I have received some inquiries about the special I am offering  on my Channeling by Email Sessions. Here are more details:

For a limited time only, from now until January 1, 2016, if you purchase a 90 minute Channeling by Email Session, I will add on a Free 30 minute energy healing, for a total two hour session, to be purchased for yourself or to be given as a gift.

The Channelings by Email Session Includes:

A Comprehensive and In-Depth Remote Channeled Message from Higher Self and/or Guides/ Ascended Masters/ Archangels/ Angels/ Akashic Records/ Source/Creator, in response to questions you have and/or any information, guidance, and/or healing that comes through for your highest good and spiritual growth and path, the transcript of which I send to you by email when done. May also include drawing and reading of Oracle Cards to enhance and support the session.

Here are a few examples of  testimonials for this Channeling by Email service:

“I have had two channeled readings with Fran, both of which have lent me extraordinary insights around the nature of my higher self, undefined aspects of my oversoul, current energies for the path ahead, and even glimpses of the akashic records of my children.

Fran has an extremely pure and direct connection to the energies of Spirit which she channels, and provides specifics about which Ascended Masters come through for you. Upon reading my first channeling, I immediately sensed not only the subtle yet profound messages coming through but also the underlying energetics and the high vibrations of the words that were conveyed.

As such, I continue to revisit both readings knowing that each time I do, I open new pathways of knowledge on both conscious and unconscious levels.

Fran’s channeled readings are truly magical and life altering. I send her Gratitude and Love always.” ~ Jennifer Heflin,December 16, 2015

“…Fran has a wonderful connection with the Divine, and the information she shared with me from her channeling was truly enlightening. I was impressed by the details she received while channeling…” more
“…My Reading with Fran addressed all of my questions with accuracy, and the information that came through was very helpful…more

The free energy healing will be added at the end and/or during the channeling to add a lot more healing to the already energy-rich channeling session and can address a specific issue you may have and/or provide general healing, clearing, and balancing, as is your choice. The transcript from the channeling will also include any information from and about the healing.

Here are examples of testimonials for my energy healing services:

“Fran is a very kind, sensitive, and truly gifted healer. Distant sessions with her have not only yielded immediate relief from my persistent symptoms, but she also provides me with Guidance from my personal Spirit Team, who directs me to tools for self-healing, as well. After trying many healing modalities and working with various energy practitioners over the past several years, with inconsistent results, I feel so blessed to have found Fran, an amazing healer! “K.L., Michigan December 18, 2015

” Fran is a natural and gifted healer. She is very in tune with what is taking place during the healing…and I was also able to feel, sense and see these things as they occurred…Fran is just so in tune with the higher frequencies in which she assists in facilitating”…” More

“…Fran was so accurate in her understanding of my issues…I felt so very loved and supported by the healing…” More

To take advantage of this Special, please purchase a 90 minute Channeling by Email Session at my  A Healing Place Store   Here  and I will then contact you to set up the session, and also send you a brief form to express your questions and goals for the session, to be scheduled for sometime in January, and if you would like to give it as a gift, please let me know, so we can make arrangements for that!

For other Specials, please click  here. For more information on Services, please click  here

And coming soon…..changes in my website and blogs to better serve you! 🙂

Sending you Love and Blessings on this beautiful Solstice Gateway and wishing you a beautiful, warm, peaceful and loving Holiday Season.



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