MasterQuote7: Mother Mary: The LOVE “Jet Stream” – Channeled by Fran Zepeda



Mother Mary 4.7.14:

“My dear ones, you are speeding along the Love  “Jet Stream” and taking in all it has to offer along the way, making you much more capable every moment of delivering LOVE to the world in all its glory, and the stamina you have gained is remarkable and so appreciated by us all. For, with your increasing capability of taking in and sustaining the LOVE energy, you have more on your “plate” to serve to the world. How magnificent you are, indeed!

So gather yourselves up for even more receipt and delivery of the most precious commodity in the World, LOVE! You are the Master holders of this energy. You are the Master servers of this energy. You are the end-all in the whole picture, the big wide picture of what the world really is and is becoming into manifestation and actuality every minute of the day.

Be at peace dear ones, and hold your Love Energy high. We love you.

Mother Mary”


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