Loving Thought of the Day ~ 8.19.17 ~ by Fran Zepeda

Hello everyone! I have been off-line for a few months, as you might have noticed, very busy with work and some pressing matters of daily living to attend to, as well as lots of upgrades and transformation, but I hope to be able to start posting more often again, in Service and Love to all.

My Heart is so very Full and Open this day, as I trust yours is …. May you all enjoy the fruits of the coming Eclipse by emerging more as the Beautiful Divine Being that you are, replete with all your gifts to share with the world …. The following is a Loving Thought from my Heart to Yours. ~ Namaste. ~  With Love and Blessings, Fran.


Loving Thought of the Day


By Fran Zepeda



The ability to LOVE, deeply from our Hearts, from our Whole Beings, is the greatest gift of all.

The ability to LOVE ALL, no matter what, is the greatest gift of ALL.

No Matter our situation, to be able to return to the deep Soulful place in our Hearts and stay there, is what we are here to do, what we are meant to do, what we were birthed to do.

To be GRATETFUL for this ability is also the greatest gift of all, because it multiplies its effects x Infinity. It brings Abundance and Grace and the unearthing of even more great Gifts from our Soul. It is the Sweetness of Life.

This is our privilege of being in our earthly vehicles at this beautiful momentous time. Bringing Heaven to Earth is our purpose and our privilege, right here in our earthly bodies, always tapping into and AT ONE with our Divine Selves.

More and more integrated and AT ONE with our Divine Self, our Soul, our Higher Self, our Christed Self, our Multidimensionality, and our pure Source Consciousness, we are becoming more and more unified within ourselves and with others in this beautiful journey of ONENESS.


How magnificent is this, Beloveds everywhere: To know our HEART deeply down to its PURITY, and more so every day, as we strip and let fall away all that impedes us to LOVE ALL AND EVERYTHING, every moment, every day to Full capacity.

Until next time, I leave you now with this gentle reminder for us all to do and say Everything with LOVE in our Hearts.


With Love and Blessings ~ Fran Zepeda


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