Loving Thought of the Day ~ 3.3.19 ~ by Fran Zepeda

Image Credit: pixabay.com


A Loving Thought, from my Heart to Yours:

Treating oneself with abundant Love and Care is a practice that doesn’t come easily to many.

Try Holding yourself and your energy like a devoted loving mother would.

See yourself in a womb of Divine Love and Nurture.

Feel yourself held in the loving arms of Creator, of Source, with so much abundant unconditional love that it is all-encompassing.

Catch yourself before this Loving Care gets put aside because of distractions, a pressing fear or problem, or urgent ‘to do’s, where it is easy to get carried away outside oneself, where it is harder to center oneself in abundant Loving Energy.

Rather, holding oneself in abundant and tender Loving Care, and tapping deep into one’s inherent Divine Love Essence, really is the Source that can help one handle the ebb and flow of life.

Practice treating yourself with abundant Love and Care every day so that life will be illuminated with a power that is unequalled …. A force that serves the world more than you know.

Blessings and Love, From My Heart to Yours,

Fran Zepeda


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Image Credit: Pixabay.com


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