New Message from Yeshua: A New Day ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda ~ 5-19-19

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New Message from Yeshua: A New Day ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda ~ 5-19-19

Audio:  YeshuaNewDay5.19.19


Dear Sweet Beings,

This is a new day. Yes, it is a new day every day for you, but I am referring to a New Day, brought in by the New Light … Always and forever spiraling into higher vibration and frequency and allowing you to reach higher and higher dimensions.

Your divine embodiment is a delight to see. It is taking you to places that you have not been before, or rather I mean, to places you don’t always remember. For to be fully embodied with your Divine Self, to be fully in Christ Consciousness, is something you came here to do at this time, from a calling and an intent birthed many eons ago, yet, the likes of which was not ever fully comprehended.

Some of you remember us in the higher realms telling you that nothing will ever be the same, or work the same, and to be prepared for feeling lost and feeling like nothing is clicking like before, like nothing plays out the same, with a feeling of abandoning all that is familiar, and being thrust into the unknown more and more. Well, you have no doubt felt this, but now it is even more true than before.

Yet with this new phase, it is so possible to feel like you are dancing on this new energy, if you let yourself. This new light absorbs your Being, as you absorb it, and it is glorious.

Beloveds, take a few moments now to orient yourself to how you are feeling in your Heart. Are you feeling Joy? Empowerment? Fullness? Completeness? All of these are possible right now, if you let yourself absorb the New Light and dance on the new energy like never before.

From this will come a form of Peace that you have never felt before, and a new creativity that you have been wanting to experience. And all is at your fingertips as you touch the new energy and welcome it.

Integration time is necessary. And patience. And acceptance. I have talked with you before of discarding all beliefs and patterns that keep you stuck in duality. Well, many of you are doing just that, and it is opening up your energy like never before.

You are Beautiful Stars shining brightly, dear ones. Please know this. You are safe and vibrant in this new energy. It is empowering you to become more and more your True Divine Self. It is beautiful to see, my dear ones, so beautiful to see. I commend you all for enduring many difficult moments where you were not sure if you would make it. But you are emerging as your True Divine Self. You are integrating your Higher Self at a new level. And there is so much more to see and experience, beloveds!

My love for you goes without saying. Feel it now, beloveds. And feel the deeper love you now have for yourselves and for each other, even those you once felt separate from, or disconnected from, or who were unawakened. The world is teaming with bright lights of awakened souls now, beloveds, and as you embrace them, and even those that are not awakened, you feel a sense of deep Compassion and Oneness with All that Is.

Take a moment, dear ones, to ponder where you are in your journey. Are you seeing yourself differently? Are you accepting yourself where you are right now, with full and deep Compassion and Love? That is the key to your progress beloveds; this is a New Day and in that, comes full acceptance of yourself as you are and where you are each moment.

From this, streams and births faster and faster growth and embodiment.

You will find yourself, more and more, acting, speaking, Being, from the hearth and helm of your Higher Self, with the feeling that there is no longer separation between you and your Higher Self, and from that, you feel less separation from others and from others’ beliefs, for you are discovering the neutrality and non-judgment of embracing All just as it is, and allowing it to be infused with Grace and Purpose and Clarity and Harmony and Love, and transforming it to a higher dimensional perspective. It sparkles in the new light and is repurposed to higher vibration and frequency — energy that can be infused into all density and thus be transformed.

So, beloveds, I leave you with these thoughts and this energy I have infused throughout this transmission, to assist you in integrating this New Light and to bring you further along in this, your New Day.

My Heart is your Heart, Beloveds. My love for you cannot be measured, yet it is so True and All-Encompassing, and my hope is that you allow yourselves to absorb it and feel it and match it with your own deep Divine Love for yourselves and others.


Forever and Always, I AM your loving brother, Yeshua


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