Message from Yeshua: A New Day Dawning ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda ~ 9.5.21

Greetings Dear Beloveds,

I AM Yeshua:

There is a New Reality looming for those inclined to believe and receive and partake.

It is not for the faint of heart.

For those who find the reality held by many currently in the collective mass consciousness as ‘off-the-mark’ for them, it does not sit well, and can bring despondency and confusion until you realize that you are capable of moving past that. You do not have to be tethered to the reality of the mass consciousness.

Yet, I know, it feels so prevalent that it can appear hopeless to be otherwise.

This is your challenge, Beloved Ones.

Look past and beyond the obvious, Beloveds.

Remember that you are Creator Beings, after all!

Beyond the seemingly endless horizon is a New World, a New Reality.

Do you wish to partake?

Garner your Strength and Courage and Vision and Faith and Hope.

Dwell in your Heart now where there is Abundance and Freedom and Grace and Harmony, and allow your new world and way of being to be realized and prominent.

Look beyond the clouds of despair.

Look beyond the clouds of doubt.

Feel beyond the feeling of Entrapment.

Step out into the New Air, the New Energy, the New Reality being offered Now.

Grasp your understanding and compassion for those who do not wish to partake in this endeavor, for there are many.

Yes, Beloveds, garner your strength and move further into your Heart. ‘See’ the possibilities of a New World, a New Way of Being.

Envision it and it shall be so.

This will also require your untiring dedication and devotion, Beloveds. It shall not be easy. It will take all your strength to keep looking beyond the obvious into the vision of a New Way of Being,

You were built for this, you came to Earth at this time for this, and it is your challenge, but also very much in your ‘wheelhouse’, so to speak.

Hold fast to your vision of a new way of being and seeing and feeling, completely congruous with your Heart and High Heart. Rise beyond the barriers of doubt and lethargy and despair and confusion.

Grasp your birthright now, Beloveds. Reach for the higher frequencies which are so attainable to you now if you gather your Essence into your Heart Center and allow your vision to go quantum. See and imagine all the possibilities, Beloveds. And feel into them as if they are already happening.

The heaviness and density you may be feeling is only temporary. Underneath it is the Lightness and Higher Consciousness that wants to be revealed.

So, let go of the mind-set that things are in chaos and that things are contrary to what you would like to see in the world, and move unabashedly into your vision and feel it and live it as if it is already real.

For it is, Beloveds. It is, that is, if you choose to stay in this Higher Consciousness that is being presented to you, but that your mind is telling you is not possible because of the mindset of the collective, which feels so prevalent until you realize that it is just temporary until you can permanently replace it with your Lighted, Loving perspective on all happenings and ways of Being.

I come in now to Lift your Spirits and your Hope and your Faith.

I envelop you in my protection and my Christ-Consciousness and I guide you to dwell in yours, and into the open Light and Love-filled New World.

I am always with you. Believe it, and it shall be so.


I AM Yeshua.

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MasterQuote3: Yeshua on Creation – Channeled by Fran Zepeda – 4.2.14


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Yeshua: “You are all Creator Beings, Creator Gods, every one of you. It is time to step fully into your power, into the LOVE Energy that is at the base of you. Sit so solidly within it, feel it so potently, that you will marvel and wonder at the results.

Essentially all it takes is to acknowledge so deeply that YOU ARE LOVE, for all to fall into place around you. So be it, dear ones.

I am with you always,

Your loving brother, Yeshua, with LOVE.”


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