MasterQuote13: Pallas Athena on Gems of Divinity Pallas Athena on Gems of Divinity

“The gem of your existence, the precious gem of your existence, each of you in your own way, is beginning to show the brilliant crystalline structure of who you are, the crystalline divine essence, of so many facets and qualities.

The strength and shine of each of you in your unique gem form is showing ever so brightly and completely as you venture to explore the precious gem within you, the divine nature that can be none other than perfection and can do nothing other than bring graceful exuberant divine emergence into your reality, making all reality more prone to cosmic perfection and ebullient, effervescent magnificence.

Some of you are rubies, some diamonds, sapphires or emeralds or other precious gems…but all brilliant in your divine essence just the same.

So shine dear ones, more than ever, as you have all the tools available to you now. It just takes your reaching within in your quiet time and continuing to unearth the splendor of your once-hidden gems of divinity.

I am forever your abiding servant in this new discovery of yourselves in all your divine splendor.


Channeled by Fran Zepeda June 12 2014


©2014 Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is posted in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are

picture credit: Pauline Battell

5 thoughts on “MasterQuote13: Pallas Athena on Gems of Divinity

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  2. Thank you Fran,
    Pallas Athena resonates so with me, because truth is her word or as a saying says, Truth is my sword. Now I get to ask the question….what is my gem that is brightly shining!!!?
    Blessings on all the sharing you do.


    • Thank you Michael…I love Pallas Athena’s energy…glad she resonates with you…all the times I channel her, mostly longer channelings, I get such a lovely feeling during and after…so much love and high vibration, and yes, truth.

      Now I get to ask you a question 🙂 – What gem resonates for you???? I am not supposed to ask for you…when you read the message, what gem do you see or feel first? And of course, she also meant it metaphorically to paint a word and feeling picture for all to grasp and remember their emerging divinity 🙂 I am just the messenger in this 🙂

      but have to tell you, I see blue sapphire when I read your comment….

      Sending you much Love
      Fran ❤


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