Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Yeshua on the June Solstice Energies: Follow Your Bliss – Channeled by Fran Zepeda – June 15, 2014

Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Yeshua:


Greetings from On High. We greet you as we project our love out as a trio of Love energy for you now. We are at your service day and night and welcome your prayers and connections with us in your blissful state of Being that is becoming so prevalent of late.

Oh, dear ones. You are in for such a surprise. The new energies building as we speak are delivering to you a blast of Love like none other you have ever experienced. So ground and center yourselves and prepare for the increasing beautiful onslaught of soft yet strong gusts of Love and Light energy penetrating you now at a deeper level than ever.

Stay grounded and you will not be “bowled over”, but instead will experience such a bathing of rich sensational pouring of Love and Light through all your cells and light bodies, through your layers of light surrounding you and deep into your Heart and High Heart.

Feel it now, as it builds. You may be compelled at times to stop what you are doing to receive it and embellish yourselves, to absorb and process this Light and Love of the June Solstice energies, deeply restorative and reformative as they are and will be increasingly so as the days move on.

Coming off the recent beautiful full moon, you are more than ready. Many of you have been recently able to feel a sense of renewal and more sustaining and complete commitment to the desires you want to create, for the passions you want to indulge in and embellish.

So create, dear ones, from your passion. Let your passions propel you into a state and a path of least resistance into what you are compelled and desire to entertain, and you will begin to be led into a deeper path of creation and flow coming from that.

You are our angels of Mercy and Creation, of Love and Abundance, of Passion and Bliss. You are teaching the world to “follow their bliss”, as you delve into and indulge yours. It creates an excitement and state of being that affects everyone. This is how worlds and realities are formed, dear ones, and you are doing it.

So anchor yourselves deep within this new energy and know you are protected and destined for deeper wider worlds of bliss and sweet creation. We guarantee it. You just have to let go, and as you go deeper into these worlds of passion and bliss, you will not want for anything. You will not miss the lower vibrational worlds from which you have come. You will arrive at a new destination of such deep deep colors and experiences that you will be so caught up in it, you may forget the suffering you have been releasing of late.

It is so, dear ones. You are leaving the “station of suffering” and embarking on complete and Full Love based on none other than your Source Template and this is now your destination and reality as you gather up all the incoming energies to feed the Source Spark within you, none other than your true divine template, meshing with Source because you are discovering that you are not separate from Source.

The more you believe this and operate from this, and choose the vibrations conducive to your connection with Source, you will live there, and act from there. You will be none other than the same with all of us in the Celestial Realm as we feed upon and deliver Source energy to all.

As you shed the trappings of duality in completeness now – yes, you are emerging from duality and separation in a much more permanent state – and as such you are designed for greatness in your enveloping of the Source energies that you are beginning to feel more comfortable in, you raise yourselves up into that state and gather it around you much more readily, dear ones. And we are so grateful for that. For in that you create a precedent for the rest of the world to follow.

And for that we thank you. We are with you, together, forever and always, in our and your divine state. Together we travel into the higher realms and dimensions increasingly and permanently. We are forever and always leading you there as you lead others.

Progress now, dear ones, into these new energies incoming, and go unfaltering and unfettered and with hearts wide open to receive the influx of Love and Light directed at you now. Be at peace with it. Be at Home with it. This is your reality now. We love you dearly.



©2014 Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is posted in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included.

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6 thoughts on “Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Yeshua on the June Solstice Energies: Follow Your Bliss – Channeled by Fran Zepeda – June 15, 2014

  1. Dear Fran….i feel ‘less than’ each time i read your channels of how ‘lifted we are now in love and passion’…as i haven’t been feeling any of That……and feel so left behind as you all are….yet i’m trying so hard to expand in love…..yet find myself in deep depression and aloneness. how is it that i feel so ‘left behind’ and not (yet) feeling this divine ‘tsunami of love’…..i so so SO want to connect and feel it……. Blessings for any connection, suggestion…….Su


    • Dear Su

      I understand so well. Actually not all are feeling lifted right now and some are struggling, and in depression. I went through that myself for a long period and still do intermittently (less so, and shorter periods as I accept and allow myself to go through it without resistance).

      The point is not to be discouraged. The Masters are encouraging us to follow our own path which is different for each of us, and as we are all in different stages, it is important not to compare ourselves to anyone else.

      I find depression and feeling “un-lifted” can be due to clearing going on…Everyone has a different timetable with that. I myself have had to do a lot of clearing, and sometimes I have had to work through it in order to feel any lifting, only to find more clearing to do sometimes. I have had to be patient with myself and to nurture myself and to be with and accept and love and transmute whatever feelings or blocks or emotions that are coming up for clearing.

      Self-Love and self forgiveness is important at this stage.

      Anyway. my suggestion is to try just feeling the energy of the message, the love of the message, and not focus so much on the words…or to comparing what you “should” feel..I know you will come to the point you want in due time.

      I have found that when I have felt the most down in depression, I was actually processing the light and love I had just received. The fact that you are having a response to the messages is perhaps showing that you are receiving and resonating with them more than you realize. I find we get our growth in different ways.

      Sometimes the messages are about what we will be feeling shortly and also to jump-start or initiate us into the feeling or shift. Sometimes a depression can be after, or even preceding a shift, I find.

      Please know you are progressing at the state you need to and please be patient with and kind to yourself.

      Sending you Love and many blessings


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