For Those of You Who Would Like Help With Physical Ascension Symptoms and Clearings – June 20, 2014

divine emergence5.jpgHello everyone!  I recently did a personal reading/healing that the recipient has been so kind and generous to allow me to share with you as it may help many of you still going through difficult physical ascension symptoms and clearings. Many thanks to the recipient of this reading (who checked with his Doctor first to rule out any medical problems, and I suggest that for you also) and also gratitude to the Ascended Masters and Archangels and our Higher Selves who transmitted it, and who urged me to share this with you. If this resonates with you in full or in part, please take it in, with my Blessings!  There is also another healing tool for you at the end in my notes. And I also give you a reminder that the last two channelings here from Archangel Zadkiel  on  “Transcendence“ and Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Yeshua  on “Follow Your Bliss” are also offered  on this blog to help with the Solstice Energies…Happy Solstice everyone! Namaste!

Reading/Healing  from and with Yeshua and Mother Mary Channeled through Fran Zepeda – June 17, 2014

“Dearest (One):

What you are undergoing, dear one, is a  deep deep transformation of your light bodies, so much so that it may feel that your physical structures are ‘breaking down’ so to speak, but please know that this is not so. It is a complete changeover and requires much rest and a frame of mind that this is beneficial to you, not detrimental.

And so, dear one, please know that you are ok and not alone – that you are ready to transform even further. While it may seem difficult to function in your everyday world, you are learning to be in both worlds (higher dimensional and 3D) at once, and at first it is quite taxing. But know that you are not alone and that you can call on us for assistance and support when you feel the most debilitated.

Know that this transformation is what you contracted for and it will take allowance and acceptance. As your physical body adjusts to all these changes, you will find it is easier to withstand these sometimes debilitating symptoms of transformation.

You may need to adjust your expectations in your everyday, day-to-day activities, and know that for the greater purposes and intentions and outcomes, all will be well. The time comes for you to nurture yourself more and put away the fear. For this can just debilitate you further.

Dear one, please concentrate daily at sending light through your cells and thank them for this complete and utter transformation that you are undergoing. The time will come when you will not always recognize yourself in the sense that you will have new sensations and feelings and attitudes, insights and knowings. Go with them and don’t resist them.

Wanting to go back to the “old you” keeps you stuck, as it will be necessary to allow yourself to keep tasting the unknown as if it is your new world. For all intents and purposes, you are in the new world…you inhabit the higher dimensions in many unconscious moments and here you do feel at home. It is just when you try to analyze it from the standpoint of what you “know” to be the world of what you are and have been used to, that you get “tripped up”, so to speak.

So, dear one, we give you a prayer and an affirmation to guide you and to assist you in your transformation:

“I welcome my Light changes into the new me. I welcome the changes that are part of my deeper DNA becoming manifest, slowly but surely, into existence. I center on my Light Cells and ask them to absorb the sweet Light of Love into them until they become saturated and more welcoming to greater changes. I bow to my body and thank it for this transformation. I am Light Manifest. I am Love Manifest. I am a Light Being of gigantic proportions. I rest within the knowledge that the changes within my body are part and parcel to my emergence into my Divine Self, and my connection to Source grows deeper and more imminent as each day goes by.”

It is important that you not focus so much on the debilitating aspects of your physical transformation, but instead feel gratitude. Use that time to start focusing on the desires deep in your heart. Know that soon your body will be ready to embark on the implementations of some of those desires and know that you are destined for greatness and for wonderful inspirations and insights and experiences that can be likened to miracles.

However, it is necessary for you to Be with these changes and to know that the outcome is positive, not negative. Let go of your fears of possible outcomes and trust that your Higher Self knows what it is doing. Bask in the love of these Solstice energies and beyond. For great changes are possible if you allow yourself to go unresisting through it.

Dear (One) we are your guides in this. Ask us for assistance. Ask us for help. When it is difficult for you to endure the changes within your body, ask us and your healing angels to lessen the symptoms and to pour beautiful cosmic healing light through so that you may feel lighter and more “normal”, which is an oxymoron, dear one, for there is no such thing. There is just you and the changes you are going through, the changes all are going through, each in their own way.

So we beseech you to accept and allow, to welcome the Light, and know whatever it brings you, exhaustion, or pains or pressure in your heart, that it is performing the changes that are necessary for you to be more adapted to your Light Self, to your Divine Self, to your crystalline template, to your Christ Self.

There will be times this is difficult to accept, and at times you will be confused. This is the time to go into a meditation and just ask for clarity. Just ask for support and know whatever comes, whether it be then or later, that it is a sign-post for you on your way to Divine Light Beingness.

We are amongst you. You are amongst us. Feel the lightheadedness and the sensations as part and parcel to that.

Dear (One), we love you and cherish you. You are not alone. Please abide by that truth and do what you can to negotiate these changes with grace and acceptance. Do not be afraid.

We ask now, for Fran to spend the rest of this session with you to send healing and Light energies into your body with our assistance and all her and your healing guides to assist you in lessening some of the symptoms and to speed along the changes that are part and parcel to your transformation.

This is the end of our transmission but know we are with you in the days to come. Allow our presence to be known and felt increasingly each day.”

Note from Fran:

I also shared with the recipient some Tips received during the healing I did, and feel they can be of help to you also: They are a reminder of what they told me when going through what this person is going through:

“Feel your heart expanding, feel the Light and Love saturating it and push it through and ground it into the earth. Relax into it and be with it, knowing it is transforming and expanding you and your heart. Do the opposite of tensing up to it; lean into it and expand with it, float with it”

“Don’t fight it, …rest…don’t resist. Welcome and be grateful for it because you are going through the transformation in your body to change it to crystalline structure and downloading all the energies and codes to raise your consciousness for ascension”.

This is also about all the clearing we need to do to ascend…and it takes a lot out of the body. So flowing with it, sending love through your body and asking your guides and the Ascended Masters and Angels and Archangels to help you, will help you.

Remember to love and nurture yourself constantly through it and don’t judge it that something is wrong with you. Try to enjoy it.  🙂

Allow Joy to well up in you as you center in your heart and imagine Love and Light pouring through you and your heart with the assistance of your guides and angels…

And one final sharing of what the Masters and Archangels shared with me in working through clearings:

“Imagine a giant caldron of golden light within your heart. Drop the image, feeling, memory, emotion, fear, negativity, etc that is most prevalent to be cleared at the moment, into the caldron, and allow it to be in this golden caldron (that you can view as through a glass enclosure like a fish bowl), and observe the item to be cleared safely from there, and acknowledge it, accept it, love it, and thank it and bless it with your Divine Light and with the Divine Light of all guides, Angels, Archangels, Masters that you invite, and ask it for the gift or lesson it is in your life to impart, and allow the item to be cleared, to transmute and dissolve and be released in the golden Divine Light with gratitude and thanks for the lesson, while depositing into the cleared space a positive outcome and/or prayer/dream/desire/positive emotion/feeling for what you want to replace it with.”

This is just a quick rendering of a clearing process I have used for myself and clients, one of many that Yeshua and other Ascended Masters and Archangels and my Higher Self have given to me. My deep gratitude and thanks to them, and with my and their blessings, I offer it to you now to be of assistance to you, if you find it so.

Sending you Love and Blessings!



©2014 Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is posted in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included.



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