Lady Nada and Mother Mary: You are Magnificent Carriers of Love Everlasting, Designed and Equipped for the Task From Time-Beginning

www.starseeds.netChanneled by Fran Zepeda July 27, 2014


Lady Nada and Mother Mary:

Hello dear sweet ones. We come before you together again to bring you Love Everlasting in concert and in Union for this Now Moment in ever-cascading streams of Love Everlasting and Enduring for all to tap into Forever and Always.

We are your mentors and guides in this in this Now Moment and we deliver our Love to you this moment and always in complete openness and fullness of all your Hearts put together. For imagine that, dear ones – Love Everlasting in Union with all Hearts at the same moment; it is a monumental task to undertake, yet fulfilling and magnificent in scope.

And so dear ones, we are here to help you examine and accept your capacity to do this, to join your Love Everlasting with all Hearts and with your whole Hearts. What a sweet ambrosia it is, dear ones. The scope and capacity and possibility of this very thing has increased monumentally in the last few months in your measure of time, and indeed moment-to-moment. For Love Essence is building globally, universally, and multiversally with the building of Love in each Heart upon this planet.

Each opening, each allowance of Love to enter into your Hearts and thus deliver outward, is accomplishing the task that you laid down to accomplish so many eons ago. You are doing it, dear ones.

Take your attention away from where this is not evident and focus your attention instead on where Love is full and complete in your Hearts and from there, nothing will be untouched eventually, and indeed just with the intention to saturate each crevice of darkness upon this planet and universe and multiverse shall, and is accomplishing this task in this moment, for time is not withstanding – it is Now.

As we shared with this channel earlier, To Love Thyself is to Love Others, and to Love Others is to Love Thyself. And onwards and upwards into Love Ad Infinitum.

Believe it, dear ones, and use this as your mantra and your evidence that Love is taking over this planet and the Universe and the Multiverse as you open further to the Love Essence that you are.

And none of this is new, but all of this is true, and as you visit it again and again and re-acquaint yourselves with it on a new level each time as we are delivering it to you, you encompass it further and take it further into your cells and further into your consciousness and become Love Everlasting in its finest.

Oh beloveds, you are advancing in your “Love Steps” into a wider and wider “Arena of Love” and from there you shall affect all with an ever-increasing potency.

Believe that you are making a difference. Believe it with your Whole Hearts, Beloveds. We come into your consciousness now to deliver that Truth to you: You are Magnificent Carriers of Love Everlasting, designed and equipped for the task from time-beginningand blossoming into your full potential of it with each moment, each Now Moment into Infinity.

For you can now get a taste of how each Moment of Love multiplies and intensifies further your Mission of Love and your whole past, present, and future of Love. It is Now and Always and ever-increasing and multiplying and magnifying with each allowance of its utterance into the Cosmos and into your surroundings.

With each acknowledgement of your Love Essence, you are brought higher into the dimensional realms, and stepping up and leveling up further each Moment you are, just by acknowledging your Love Essence and expressing your willingness to BE it and Share it.

These words may seem simple, but breathe them in and try them on for size now again from your new higher perspective that you have gained recently with your absorption of the Love Energies penetrating you and flooding your consciousness Now.

You can easily clear your way to seeing this by choosing to, and by choosing not to hold on to the negativity that keeps lifting from you. But let the negativity lift from and out of you in ever-increasing momentum until you are seeing clearly from the higher realms where we are.

For you can simply choose to see your world from your higher aspects and the way will become clearer and clearer for you.

We love you beyond measure, so take that Love and affirm it and turn it on yourself beyond measure, and from there you raise yourself even higher and purer into the Higher Realms, in Love Everlasting, in Union with all Hearts Now.

We are with you always. We Love you always. We are You – You are Us.



©2014 Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is posted in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included.



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