Yeshua and Mary Magdalene: A Message of Love Everlasting




Channeled by Fran Zepeda August 10 2014 –


Yeshua and Mary Magdalene:

Dearly Beloveds. We take you on a journey today to your Higher Being, your Higher Being of Love, your “Exalted-ness”, as has been addressed in a recent message from Lady Nada.

We, Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, come as a unit now to demonstrate and depict and convey a feeling of Love that you all are beginning to tap, that you all are ready to tap into more fully. It is a deeper sense of Love that is connected with your True Being, your True Core, your mingling with Source and all its glory. This exalted state of Love is becoming more available to you as you raise your vibration to a higher level, brought on and instigated by these lovely energies* of late and of Now.

Oh beloveds, you are merely scratching the surface and the depths of possibilities that Love can bring you – that Love can bring you to such a High State of Being that you float amongst the Stars and pure Bliss. Yet because you are Lightworkers on this planet to bring in and magnify and share this Love from Source, you will naturally ground this higher state of the Stars and Bliss into Mother Earth and Humanity.

That is your purpose. As you blend with your Higher Selves and all your aspects, as you mesh and mingle with Source and bring it into, and recognize it in, your very beings, you not only raise and elevate your condition to the natural state of your Divinity, but you also bring it to others and to sweet Gaia.

And our beloveds, we are here as an example of your very potential to do that. As you integrate and blend and anchor your merging of the masculine and the feminine parts of your Being, you become whole and complete, and privy to the full onslaught of Love Everlasting. You bring it to Earth. You bring Heaven to Earth while you are exploring the depths of your very Divine Being and the depths of what Heaven on Earth really means and is:

It is the merging of your divine qualities, the blending of all your aspects to support the higher realms and to support the Earth and all Galaxies and Universes and the Multiverse in this beautiful undertaking of becoming Love Everlasting, of becoming One with All That Is, with becoming once again the Light of Source, here on Earth.

And beloveds, this is no easy task and you are becoming much more adept at it. We now take you hand-in-hand with us, within our Union, on a journey of Love Everlasting. A journey of Love that you are now ready for. Step into our realm at this moment as we lead you on this journey:

Feel our Love, feel our presence, feel our beckoning to you to let go of all that weighs you down, of all that doesn’t serve you anymore, and now that you have had a taste of the higher realms, we invite you to enter them now with us, in this Now Moment, and continually, as you allow yourselves to soar higher into the higher realms and sensations of Pure Unconditional Love that we are extending now to you – Allowing that we are an example of Pure Unconditional Exalted Love. Pure in the sense that it is the basic Love of Source we are offering. It is the glue of All That Is. It is the building block of all Creation. It is the goal of all humanity in their quest for transcendence. And meaning of life and purpose and mission.

Just let go now and feel this Love we are extending to you and match it with your own deep Love within your Divine Heart. Meet up with it deep within your Heart, and together with our Love it becomes magnified and exalted to the extent that you are entering a new feeling of Bliss and Joy. Enjoy this state now, dear ones. You haven’t always acknowledged that you can enter this deep deep state of Love. We stand there with you now to touch and magnify this for you. Go deeper now into your Heart. Access that Love that has sometimes laid dormant and inaccessible, only because of your adherence to the old beliefs and old ways of doing things.

Let go now and feel deep within you that Exalted Blissful State of Love. And it shall build and build upon itself. We are still taking your hand – we are still standing beside you and before you, and within you, but only to show you what you already have deep deep inside of you, waiting to be “unearthed” – Your private link to Source and Love Everlasting, dear ones.

Now feel it deeper. Feel the stirrings of Love Everlasting within you. Lift and let yourself be taken into the Stream of Love that is coming from Source and matched by your very being, your Divine Being. Together with Source you commingle and luxuriate in this natural state of Being you are all becoming so close to returning to on a regular basis. It is coming in stages. You are more and more capable of “unearthing” it as you become engorged with the Love being offered to you now from Source. We magnify and deliver it to you and you awaken it within you more deeply, and then magnify and deliver it further into the world.sanandakleidoscope3

So get used to this beautiful feeling of Love Everlasting that is becoming a natural normal state of your Being, your Divine Being. You see, it has been there all along. You are just recognizing it on a deeper level as you shed the trappings of your duality, to reveal your beautiful “Butterfly State of Love”, now emerging from its long-time “cocoon” of eons, and ready to show itself more fully to the world.

And so Beloveds, we welcome you again to this blissful state of Love Everlasting that you are coming to call your home, that you are coming to be urged to share with others on a more regular basis. And we stand beside you and before you and within you to show you your true potential to Be Divine Love, Divine Love Everlasting.

Feel us now as we embrace you and commend you for letting go and allowing Love to be the “End-All” and “BE-All” of your very existence. Dearly beloveds, dear warriors of Peace and Love Everlasting: We honor you and applaud you for your bravery and perseverance.

All our love,


Yeshua and Mary Magdalene.

*referring to Lion’s Gate and Super Moon Energies of 2014

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