Lady Master Quan Yin: You Are Well on your Way to Greater Peace and Harmony in the World ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda ~



LadyMasterQuanYin2Received with Gratitude, April 8, 2015


Hello dearest ones. I AM Quan Yin. Today I come through to speak of the Purification process you have all been going through, bringing more Love, Harmony and Peace to the World.

This purification process has many levels and nuances. It is, first of all, comprised of the clearing and cleansing you have all been going through, and made more possible with the Love energy you have anchored and solidified within your very being and thus the world.

It is also an outpouring and culmination of the levels you have all raised yourselves up to in your climb up the ladder of Ascension. It is a coming home to the essence of what you have always been, the clearing away of all impediments to that glowing essence which is at the core of your being and is your birthright … Coming around to your True Divine Self once again.

I have said that it (this purification process) has many levels. But also, it may present at times in ways you may interpret as negativity. For it is in the process of observing and clearing the negativity that purification abounds. And a necessary step in the process.

And thus, it is much easier to grasp and incorporate and integrate the divine aspect of Purity in a more sustaining level.

For you all are coming through this process of purification and anchoring many divine aspects more easily and permanently….Love, Harmony, Peace, Freedom, and more.

For in your graduating to a deeper and higher level of refinement of your lightbodies and crystalline structures, you abide and reside in this beautiful web of Purification that lifts you higher and lifts Humanity higher in a beautiful process of transformation and revelation of your true nature.

My dear ones, you are to be commended for navigating this difficult process of Purification in the midst of many obstacles and illusions that vie for your attention. You are keeping your intent high and ‘reaching for the stars’ so to speak, and delivering to the world a beautiful foundation for Peace, Harmony and Love-filled experiences and sustainment.

I enfold you now in my arms of Love, Peace and Harmony, and beseech you to know and trust that you have elevated yourselves a great deal in the recent downloads and engulfment of high-intensity energy and codes. You have fared very well, and many of you are still assimilating this process. And will continue to do so, with more ease and grace and precision, as you continue to allow yourselves to lift and view the world from a different, higher perspective.

It is indeed a beautiful culmination of spirit and processes that leads you ever further on your path of Ascension. We see a much more solid and permanent establishment of higher frequency energies sustaining Humanity and Earth, and we have you lightbearers and lightworkers to thank for this.

For in your difficult processes you have given the world a gift. A beautiful Gift of Love and Love-based activity and interactions that serves to preserve Earth and her inhabitants onto the path of greatness. Greatness in divine communion with Creator.

Please see yourselves as the emissaries and magicians that you are. No other group of humans could accomplish what you have, in that you have joined and implemented all your unique gifts and not given up, and in concert with others, you have achieved greatness. You are well on your way to greater Peace and Harmony in the world.

Even if at times it seems contrary to that fact, please know that it is not always apparent what strides you have all made. But this I tell you so you settle more into yourselves with more confidence, and continue what you are doing to lift yourselves and others in this beautiful process of Ascension and building of New Earth.

Thank you from my deepest Heart for all you are and do.


I AM Lady Quan Yin

Copyright © 2011-2015 Fran Zepeda. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and share this message provided that the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been altered in any way, is distributed free of charge, and this copyright and links are included.

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