Mary Magdalene: “Love and Accept your Divine Self Beyond Everything” ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda ~ June 4, 2017

AUDIO: MaryMagdalene.BeyondEverything.ChanneledbyFranZepeda.6.4.17


Mary Magdalene:

Greetings, Beautiful Beloveds.  I AM Mary Magdalene. I greet you with much Love and understanding of your growing and glowing Love Essence; your Beautiful Presence; your Sustaining Grace; and your rise in consciousness to hold and maintain all the divine aspects of Creator in sustaining Truth.

You have reached a level of consciousness now that has surpassed all you have ever achieved, and you may find yourselves hovering in an entirely new place now that exhibits new behaviors and heralds new understanding of what used to be a puzzle.

Yet, you know that holding this new consciousness will take some gentle handling, for the energies of it are delicate and new and unfamiliar and cannot always be understood on a mind level. Allow this new consciousness to settle in your heart now and allow these new and unfamiliar feelings to incubate there. Allow the unknown to be welcome. Allow the uncertainty to be welcome. Allow your Divine Self to be more familiar, as you Love and Accept your Divine Self Beyond Everything.

To support this, I offer a Mantra to hold in your heart. Feel each quality as it expands within you, AS you:


‘I AM Divine Will beyond everything;

I AM Divine Wisdom beyond everything;

I AM Divine Love beyond everything;

I AM Divine Purity beyond everything;

I AM Divine Truth beyond everything;

I AM Divine Grace beyond everything;

I AM Divine Freedom beyond everything;

I AM Divine Clarity beyond everything;

I AM Divine Harmony beyond everything;

I AM Divine Unity and Peace beyond everything;

I AM Divine Purpose beyond everything;

I AM Divine Transformation and Transcendence beyond everything;

…I AM Pure Source Consciousness….

…. For this is my true Being…. Nothing can intrude or tamper with my ultimate acceptance of myself as a Pure Divine Being, One with All That Is. For I am One with Source in all I feel, think and do.’


Continue to Feel each quality as it expands within you, AS you. It is a beautiful feeling, beloveds. It is an exquisite feeling. Feel your heart expanding into this Truth. And know that you have risen, and will continue to rise, in consciousness as you accept this truth about yourself: that you are a beautiful Divine Being complete with all the divine aspects and qualities of Creator and Christ Consciousness.

Know that this way of Being, is Beyond Everything that is duality and separation. You are leaving that behind, so accept your new place and presence, immersed in all these divine qualities. For they define you now. You resonate completely with them as long as you choose to accept that you are a Divine Being complete with all these qualities, for you are not separate from Creator; you are One with Creator and Source, replete with All Divine qualities.

Play and explore with how you feel in possession and full immersion of these qualities. What does it feel like? Revel in it. BE it. Accept it as a truth about you. Feel the expansion of this divine knowing in your Heart. It will lift you ever higher and keep you in a vibration and frequency that invites experiences reflecting these divine qualities and aspects.

You have arrived at a vibration that is resonate with this. Resist the pull into duality and separation that may happen as you get tired, especially with all the upgrades and downloads currently enhancing your energy. Allow yourself enough rest to allow this new energy to balance and integrate within you. It is a process.

You are exquisite in your new resonance and I trust you will begin to see things in an entirely new way that is commensurate with this new vibration and consciousness that is seeping into and sustaining you stronger than ever.

Settle into your new way of Being and allow yourself the knowing that you are refining yourself to a level of purity that is replete with all the divine aspects of Creator, of Christ Consciousness, that are now alive and affecting your reality beyond anything and everything you have experienced before.

I offer my Love and Support to all, with deep and loving abidance.


I AM Mary Magdalene.


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