Special Gift from Yeshua: Twin Flame Song ~ December 24, 2015

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Wishing you all a Blessed ChristMas and a Wondrous and Warm and Beautiful Holiday Season, filled with Golden Glowing Expansion of Christ Consciousness within and around you, leading you to a New, Loving, Abundant and Magical 2016!

Thank you for Being in my life and bestowing your wondrous gifts upon me in all our sacred connections through my blogs,  facebook pages, and website, and of course through all the wonderful connections I have had with many of you through my services.

I share with you now a special Gift from Yeshua which I received and co-created with him.  This poem is meant to be a Universal Message for all Twin Flames, our Loving Gift to You! I love you all.




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By Yeshua and Fran Zepeda


I love you forever,

I love you as always;

Whatever your form,

You’re in my Heart to stay.


I love you forever,

I love you as always;

Whatever you may do,

My Love for you stays the same.


Across all lines of eternity,

You’re forever in my Heart;

Across the Bridge of Eternity,

I patiently wait.


I love you forever,

I love you as always;

No matter your troubles,

You ignite my Eternal Love Flame…


For I love you forever,

I love you as always;

However far the distance,

TOGETHER we shall Be.






Channeled and Co-created by Fran Zepeda December 24, 2015

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